Superheart launches his new EP and title track “Opening Credits”

  • Superheart introduces EP and Title Track “Opening Credits”
  • Taking you out of your own world into a place infinitely better
  • Winning the hearts of many with his dreamy sound

August 20th, 2019 – Singapore – Undeniable talent Superheart treats us to his newest single and title track, “Opening Credits”, off his EP.

This track features Superheart’s signature sound – layered vocals, dreamy synths, and an ambient soundscape that’ll leave you floating in a dreamlike state.

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“Opening Credits” is equal parts soothing, moving, and grooving.

Superheart has a knack for creating music that envelops you, taking you out of your own world into a place infinitely better.

Tastefully produced vocals add a warmth and depth to the track and a fluid soundscape peppered with atmospheric, tropical synths keeps the track light and astral.

If there was one way to describe how Superheart’s music makes you feel, then it would feel like the warmth of being wrapped in a blanket and reminiscing on the best times of your life.

Superheart has won the hearts of many with his dreamy sound.

His self-proclaimed “anti-gravity” sound takes you out of your own head and gifts you with the ability to fully get lost in the music.

His hitting singles, “Count On Me”, “After Midnight”, “Satellite”, and “Talk About It”, are all part of the EP.

Superheart is a songwriter, performer, and producer, of underwater, anti-gravity flying music.

Based in rural Oxfordshire, he blends synthesisers with warm atmospheric guitar, romantic lyrics and layered vocals.

He draws upon classic songwriting and uses modern production techniques to achieve a beautiful and dreamlike sound.

His music has been written about by some of the leading music blogs (Earmilk / The 405 / Flaunt) and in 2018 his trio of debut singles dubbed the “” consistently reached the top of Hype Machine.

Superheart’s new EP ‘Opening Credits’ is the first to be released by London-based Akira records, and is the start of a whole wave of new music coming in 2020 and beyond.


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