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Meet the 5 Elements of RAWR Awards 2019

RAWR Awards take pride in the special awards it has created for these inspiring names.

In its fifth year, RAWR Awards decided to honor the individuals who have shown great inspiration not just in their respective shows or their body of work.

RAWR Awards take pride in the special awards it has created for these inspiring names.

Based on the five elements, RAWR identify the celebrities who best reflect or exemplify the recognition.


Fiery and Feisty or simply the FIRE Award

Like gold, when put through fire, its authenticity is no longer in-questioned but proves its worth.

Dimples Romana of Kadenang Ginto befits the description and one of the distinguished awards for this year’s RAWR Awards. In her portrayal of Daniela ‘Dani’ Mondragon-Bartolome is intensely hot as the main nemesis in the series.


Water is malleable. It can be shaped or can be changed but still comes out excellent.

One young artist is a testament to such.

Maymay Entrata conquers the film, the concert, and even the fashion industry. Her presence surged across the globe as well like water that knows no boundaries.


Whatever energy or whatever potential he may have, this celebrity is bound for greatness.

Wherever and whatever circumstance he is in–like a seed, he can grow and succeed.

Alden Richards is a star who can shine as long as he has the right project and the right timing.


Two Kapuso stars who made a sweeping impression like the strong winds. Their tandem is akin to the win when it was formed in ‘My Special Tatay’, both created a buzz.

Rita Daniela and Ken Chan draw quite some following via the said show due the effectiveness of their love team.


His exemplifies greatness. He’s not just a dancer-actor-host, but also a thought leader.

His advocacy has propelled him to establish his persona as an agent for this nation’s historical change. The award is given to Dingdong Dantes.


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