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10 Philippine Brands that took over Twitter in 2019

Twitter is not just for people to connect with their favorite artists, but it is also the preferred platform for brands to reach out to their audience.

19 December 2019 – Whatever happens, it happens on Twitter. It is not just for people to connect with their favorite artists, Twitter is also the preferred platform for brands to reach out to their audience.

Launching campaigns on Twitter enable brands to tap and connect with the audience where they are the most receptive.

Here are the Most Tweeted about Brands on Twitter this 2019:

This year, local clothing giant Bench (@benchtm) is the most-talked about brand on Twitter. Bench is known for bringing Korean stars to endorse its fashion campaigns such as Ji Chang Wook and Park Seo Joon. Twitter campaigns by brands from different industries, like food, retail, fashion and telecommunication have been popping up here and there to forge closer ties and cultivate better relationships with their audiences.

Coming in second place, people are lovin’ the McDonalds Philippines (@McDo_PH) account for their quirky advertisements and gimmicks such as the #NationalFrenchFryDay campaign which celebrated their world-famous fries. Known for its quirky and relatable advertisements, and with their roster of the most sought-after endorsers to boot, world-famous fast food restaurant McDonald’s Philippines heads this year’s top 10 most Tweeted about brands.

Other brands that have caught the eye of the Twitterverse are the official accounts of Angkas (@Angkas) and Netflix (@Netflix_PH). These brands keep their Tweets witty and relatable by lightheartedly poking fun of the everyday traffic and struggles of the Filipinos.

Here are some key insights that brands need to consider before kickstarting campaigns on Twitter:

1. Tap into current issues – Remember to always pay attention to current and relevant trends that you can anchor your campaign on. Brands should learn a thing or two from Cream Silk (@CreamsilkPH). They made sure that their campaigns resonate with the issues of today, such as women empowerment and showcasing what it takes to be a modern Filipina.

2. Be relatable and humorous – Showing that your brand has a humanistic side is the perfect way to engage and connect with the audience. People react to amusing topics, and most of the Tweets that become viral are either funny, inspiring, or thought-provoking. Use Twitter to know what topics your target audience cares about and incorporate it in your campaigns.

3. Video works! – Brands in the Philippines are investing in creative video campaigns to promote their latest products and engage with target demographics. Pond’s Philippines (@PondsPH) went big in 2019 with its #SeeWhatHappens campaign that features the most beloved and sought after Filipino influencers as they highlighted the advantages of facing our insecurities head-on.

Stay relevant and visible to your target audience. From online gimmicks, getting feedback, to driving conversations with your customers, get your brand at the pulse of #WhatsHappening today on Twitter.


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