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Is Clint Bondad’s transwoman friend Anne Jakrajutatip referring to him in her posts?

Anne posted about not wanting a man who is a ‘psychopath’ and being tired of ‘German sausage’.

Clint Bondad, the ex-boyfriend of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, recently trended after he posted several disturbing messages in his Instagram stories that people said are allegedly about Catriona and her current boyfriend, Sam Milby.

Thai billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip, who is Clint’s friend, also uploaded cryptic posts that people believe have a connection to what Clint has been posting. Anne posted about not wanting a man who is a ‘psychopath’ and being tired of ‘German sausage’.

Netizens believe Anne is referring to Clint. People claim that Clint is showing signs of being a psychopath due to his continuous cryptic posts on Instagram. They have been saying that Clint is becoming a creepy ex that is still hung up on his relationship with Catriona and still can’t move on. Anne also posted about ‘German sausage’ which people say are pointing Clint as he is half Filipino and half German.

Anne Jakrajutatip is a Thai transgender billionaire and CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited who is also known as Anne JKN. She set up Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation (LIFT) to advocate actively for transgenders’ right to dignity and opportunities.

She posted about ‘cleaning up dirty secrets’ and talked about being tired about keeping someone’s stories.

Netizens have been speculating that Anne has her own story to spill to the people. There have been rumors about Clint and Anne having a relationship but it was revealed by Anne that they are just friends and that Clint is just his ‘little boy’.

She revealed that she’s in a relationship with an unnamed guy and that Clint will always be her little brother no matter what. Anne also mentioned that she’s not attracted to Clint, adding, “He’s not my type, sorry!”

Anne posted about how she has had enough of him and just wanted to bid goodbye. She told him not to come back when she said, “Don’t come back!” and “It’s a goodbye kiss!”

It might be that Clint is not only posting about her ex-girlfriend’s current relationship but also about Anne as she posted about ‘telling the truth’ if Clint won’t stop with his games pertaining to Clint’s stories on Instagram.

Anne JKN also shared about ‘stopping your tea’ in her house with a picture of peppermint tea in the background which the netizens connected to Clint’s post about peppermint tea as well and how Clint is going to spill some ‘tea’ or information that people have been eagerly waiting about.

People have been assuming that the Thai trans’ posts are about Clint as one of her posts mentioned a ‘Mr. C’ saying that she is extremely tired.

Anne posted about how she doesn’t want to love a man who doesn’t show respect to others. Many people have been saying that she might be referring to Clint’s disrespect to the relationship between Catriona and Sam. Some also say that Anne might be referring to Clint’s disrespect to her as she has been posting about spilling secrets and being tired of him. She mentioned that the ego of a man will be the one to destroy his life.

Anne also posted about, ‘You can play the UNIVERSE but I’m the Queen of Galaxy…I’m too strong and won’t be defeated!’ The post really intrigued the people which they said has a high possibility of connection to Catriona as she is Miss Universe 2018.

People are now theorizing that Clint and Anne truly had a romantic relationship with each other. The Thai billionaire’s statement about fooling the universe but not her had the netizens thinking that Clint and Anne had a relationship in which they hid from Catriona and that now Anne is threatening to tell the world about it.

Other screenshots of Anne’s Instagram stories were:


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