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Teddy Locsin Jr. insults Herbert Bautista because of Kris Aquino

Now, Kris is back in the spotlight with her new endorsement for the online shopping app, Shopee.

Journalist and politician Teddy Locsin Jr. insulted Herbert Bautista after Multimedia Queen Kris Aquino commented on social media that the former Quezon City Mayor did not fight for her when it mattered most.

In his post, he thanked Kris for her comments. He also added his upset to see that despite her achievement, Kris is with Herbert, whom he thought was like a toddler.

“Thank you, Kris. I was so upset then because I saw you walking into the sunset—at the end of a long day of unsurpassed media achievements—holding hands with someone at least your height and not to be mistaken for a toddler. I feared I’d failed your mother’s charge to me,” said Teddy via Twitter.

In 2014, Kris was on an on-and-off relationship with Herbert. The same year, despite the talks of nuptials, Herbert called off the wedding over the phone. Then, in 2017, Kris said that the former Quezon City Mayor proposed again, but she returned the engagement ring the following day to focus on her children.

Now, Kris is back in the spotlight with her new endorsement for the online shopping app, Shopee.

Additionally, Kris revealed how the pandemic changed her shopping habits, to which Teddy chimed in through Twitter. He noted how he also has many shoes in storage but only wore five of them.

“Same here. I haven’t anywhere near the same number of shoes but none of them are worn and I’ve been wearing the same 5 pairs for the past 30-5 years. Damned comfortable & elegant. Got them at the Cambridge Union. Allen Edmonds,” Teddy tweeted.

Teddy was a speechwriter of Kris’ late mother, former President Cory Aquino. He also recalled that he was once somewhat a personal assistant to the multimedia queen.


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