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REVIEW: New Idol Group BGYO Officially Enters P-POP’s Area of Responsibility with Debut Single ‘The Light’

Marking the group’s official launch as BGYO, ‘The Light’ sounds as the perfect choice to represent the idol group’s dreams and aspirations

To say that BGYO’s debut single, The Light, caused massive storm surges definitely makes sense—figuratively speaking, that is. But storm signals might as well be raised, as the newest idol group now seems poised to take P-Pop fans by storm, for while their launching single may have the feels of a bright summer, the impact it unleashes resembles that of a powerful storm.

Marking the group’s official launch as BGYO (they first assumed the name ‘SHA Boys’), ‘The Light’ sounds the perfect choice to represent the idol group’s aspirations, as it forays into the exploding P-Pop world, whose surging popularity may ultimately lead to a new era of Philippine music, one that would finally put OPM on the global charts.

Taking cues from the traditional K-Pop beats, ‘The Light’ incorporates electronic dance, club, rap, and trap elements into one energy-infused track. This choice may not be unique to Filipino music, but the highly-contagious verve of the song, somewhat makes it fresh and unique, not to mention its lyrics that sound like an entirely different character, granting the song a better capacity to grasp its listeners’ attention.

Written by the BGYO members (Nate, Gelo, Mikki, JL, and Akira) themselves, alongside Distract and composed and arranged by Rogan and Ddank, the song speaks of hope, determination, passion, self-love, and dreams, perfectly conveying the group’s desire to break through, amidst our current struggles. Be the Light urges its listeners to start something, to light up for someone else who may be in a darker place. It’s a hopeful song that inspires, and encourages, but carried out and delivered through its vivid, energetic, and clubby beats.

The years of training the group went through are showcased in the official music video released during the launch. BGYO has made remarkable performances on various Kapamilya shows already, but the tracks the group performed are mostly covers of popular OPM songs and K-Pop hits. In the music video, the group finally bannered their synchronization, dancing skills, and vocals, using their own song, thrusting their overwhelming talent to attention, and making them the main attraction of the music video. The music video explodes between gloomy and vibrant colors, shifting from each member’s solo shot to the synergy and choreographic movements of the group as they dance to the beats of the song. The mv itself, is a visual treat, that both fans and fans-to-be, will definitely be hooked on.

The lyrics are mostly written in English, but the trendy Tagalog chorus is definitely spot-on. This choice allows the song to appeal to international audiences which may likely expedite the group’s foray into the global stage. For a debut single, ‘The Light’ is definitely a hook-song, and if succeeding singles from the group will be in its mold, then that won’t cause too much problem, although it’s always wise to come up with an album that showcases the group’s versatility, and I believe that will be the case for BGYO.

That being said, BGYO has definitely made its presence felt with ‘The Light’. There is no doubt that it has officially entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility—if you know, what I mean.

Watch the Official MV of ‘BGYO’s first single, ‘The Light’ below:


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