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EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Geronimo admits doubts for upcoming ‘TALA: The Film Concert,’ motivated by her loyal supporters

Sarah G. revealed in an exclusive interview with LionHearTV that even with her preparations, she still has concerns about her ability to handle such a setup.

Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo is confirmed to be back on stage for a virtual concert produced by Viva Entertainment, “TALA: The Film Concert.”

It has been months since Sarah Geronimo has not been in the spotlight, rumors even circulated that she will transfer to GMA Network. Since the Popstar Royalty has debunked these rumors, does that mean she didn’t have any second thoughts or reservations about the upcoming concert?

Sarah G. revealed in an exclusive interview with LionhearTV that even with her preparations and deep thoughts about the upcoming concert, she still has concerns about her ability to handle such a setup.

“Okay, ah, una po sa lahat, prinepara ko muna ‘yung aking isip na kakayanin ko ito bina-back up-an ako ng mga tao na very supportive sa akin na talagang iba ‘yung will nila to mount the show.” she answered.

Knowing the challenges that the pandemic has brought us, the crisis has prompted the entertainment industry to be more creative in bringing entertainment to viewers.

But Sarah Geronimo asked herself a lot of times if she can really do the virtual concert,  “Syempre may question ba na ‘Kaya ba?’ ‘Kaya ba talaga?’ and kung kakayanin tatangkilikin ba kase iba na eh. Yes, it’s a film concert iba ang live concert kase ano ba babaunin sa live concert.” Sarah narrated.

Reliving the memories that live concerts has, she still decided to pursue the virtual concert as she said, ‘It’s now or never.

“The connection that you make with the artist gaano ka kalayo, magkasama kayo sa isang lugar. So iba ‘yun ibang experiences na babaunin mo. So may ganong tanong pero gusto namin mag patuloy magbigay ng saya sa tao.”

In addition, this upcoming concert has finally addressed the rumors and questions raised by many fans, including if Sarah Geronimo has left the entertainment industry.

“Di naman po ako umalis sa pag pe-perform, masasabi ko lang ay gusto kong maka give ng quality performances kaya I am taking my time, ayoko po na maging stagnant ako na artist.”

She didn’t deny, despite the fact that singing is her passion, she had lost her inspiration which explains her absence from the entertainment industry.

“Ang bottomline is ‘di po ako umalis sa pag pe-perform at it po ang passion ko. May mga panahon na parang na do-down ka kase lahat naman po tayo dadating sa gaanong pagkakataon.

“But I always find the inspiration sa, to the giver of my talent at sa mga taong na patuloy na nagbibigay ng oportunidad sa akin.”

Despite the doubts, the Popstar Royalty is driven by those who encourage her to be her best and, of course, her adoring fans who are eagerly awaiting her return.

“I want to show, I want to know for myself kung meron pa ba akong kayang ibigay na bago so hindi ko ho siya minamadali. Of course hindi naman ako forever hihintayin ng opanahon, ng mga tao,” she noted.

Sarah Geronimo has already started training. To fans who will watch the concert, expect a dance performance from Sarah G., because she revealed that one of her preparations for this virtual concert is her training with Teacher Georcelle.

“So tuloy lang, I prepare my mind physically, tinulungan ako ng choreographer, ni Teacher Georcelle, kase matagal tagal po ‘no na di ako nakapag perform. So may tanong kaya ko pa ba to? Motivated ba ako? Oo eh ito talaga ‘yung gusto ko,” Sarah excitedly shared.

Geronimo revealed that the “TALA: The Film Concert” is close to her heart as this her way of giving back to people who gave her the opportunities to do this concert and to fans that will give their time to watch,

“And itong show mahal ko po itong show na ito, mahal ko, mahalaga sa akin yung mga taong nagbigay sa akin ng oportunidad at mga taong magbibigay ng panahon na manood ng show, I don’t want to disappoint them. So talagang trinabaho namin lahat,” Sarah assured.

“TALA: The Film Concert” will be a one-night-only, exclusive event that will take place on March 27 (Saturday) at 8 p.m. PHT around the world.

Sarah Geronimo’s own rendition of Rico Blanco’s “Your Universe” and her new versions of “Ikot-ikot,” “Kilometro,” “Dulo,” and “Isa Pang Araw” are among the 18 songs featured in the two-hour film concert, which is named after the hit song “Tala.” It will be available on, iWantTFC, and SKY Pay-Per-View.

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