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Sarah Lahbati makes her return, now ready to do an action film, Angelina Jolie style!

The mother of two will be guns blazing with her return to the big screen, by making an action film!

Sarah Lahbati is back!

The mother of two has finally decided that this is the perfect time to return to acting. Lahbati, who was very hands-on with her two sons, Zion and Kai, is now welcomed by Viva Artist Agency (VAA) into their family.

During a virtual press conference for the 27-year-old actress, Lahbati revealed that the pandemic forced her to take a break. But now that she’s back, Viva thought of her responsibilities as a mother of two.

“Maraming napostpone na shoots obviously. Pero in terms of projects sa TV or big screen, I waited for the right time. And this is the right time. Before this day, I asked Viva management to do more work from home, do more studio shoots na madali lang. I am very grateful na very understanding sila,” said the actress.

Now that she is ready to work again, Lahbati and her husband, Richard Gutierrez, are cooking something for the Filipinos.

“Right now, kami ni Chard, we’re both brainstorming ideas for a film,” shared Lahbati.

In fact, the actress is excited to do an action film that she and her husband will produce. That is why they are constantly brainstorming and talking with directors about their project.

“Kasi excited ako bumalik and I want to do an action film, hopefully, one day. We are talking to directors and hopefully, we can present to Viva soon,” she added.

The reason why she wants to do an action film for her return to the big screen is because of Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie. According to the actress, she really looked up to the international star ever since.

“Ever since I decided to act, I’ve idolized Angelina Jolie for the longest time. And I remember watching one of her action films with my dad. I thought gusto kong gawin kung ano ‘yung ginagawa niya, gusto kong maging kagaya niya,” shared the actress.

“Maybe an action film or a superhero na pwedeng maging inspiring sa mga Filipinos. Especially now na madaming problema and negativity. We want to uplift and give hope sa mga Filipinos,” she added.

With her imminent return on-screen, the possibility of her husband as the actress’s leading man is not far-fetched. She recalled that it’s been too long since she and Richard worked together.

“Depende. But we are open to working together again. I think it’s been 8 or 9 years since we last worked together on screen,” said the actress.


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