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Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo breaks Motherhood Cliches showing how her single-parenting phase was life’s biggest blessing

Eden teamed up with Bettina to celebrate single-motherhood with its bold Mother’s Day campaign #EdenSpeaksPH, and launched a film that narrates a mother’s unconditional love directed by Antoinette Jadaone

They say life truly starts when one becomes a wife or a husband, but it’s an entirely different story for Bettina Carlos-Eduardo whose life’s biggest blessing was gifted to her by God ten years ago in her daughter, Gummy. Mompreneur, author and content creator, Bettinna shared her ten-year-long single-motherhood journey during the Eden Speaks Mother’s Day Forum launched on Eden’s Facebook page last May 8 in an hour-long Facebook live event, underscoring how important showcasing unconditional love and support is for both single-moms, and all flavors of moms we are blessed to be surrounded with.

The impact of the past year manifests uniquely in each person. For mothers, the pressure of keeping a home afloat, waking up extra early to tend to the needs of her kids, working shortly afterwards, preparing meals, and making sure her kids are provided undivided attention and care. Navigating a tantamount of responsibilities, coupled with the collective fear of uncertainty, times were and continue to be difficult. But Bettinna believes that women, most especially mothers, are innately gifted with resilience to power through.

Eden has been an ally of Filipino moms for the past four decades. With all the fear and uneasiness of the world we live in today, mothers continue to be at the front and center of both the good and the bad, including single moms, which the Mondelez brand took to the spotlight for Mother’s Day. “I believe it is just right to bring to light the plight of single moms not only for them to receive support, but also for them to know that it is okay. It may not be the traditional route to having a family. But we accept our lot nonetheless,” shared Bettinna.

Eden is committed to continue advocating for the universal love and acceptance of all mothers. The brand’s recent campaign depicted the many facets of motherhood, and how distinctly unique each one is, just like Bettinna’s journey. When asked about how she powered through the last 10 years, and her sound advice for mothers who may be struggling, she said, “No amount of books, reading and research will truly prepare you. Ten years a parent and I still have not figured this out! Because what God has given us moms is a life that develops, is dynamic, and is responsive. I think that is the beauty of life – it is full of surprises and mysteries. Embrace every stage of your child’s life, every season you find your family in, and constantly pray for wisdom from the Lord on how to respond to every situation.”

It was not an easy feat to get her footing around how to become the best mom. Motherhood can feel like floating through a river with the wildest rapids every so often, but for Bettinna, there isn’t a single thing in those years she would ever change. “My parenting was not smooth and neither was it perfect. But it is through the challenges and facing the unknown that I learned and grown to be wiser. Mistakes and challenges are the best teachers only if you choose to respond positively to them. Nothing is ever wasted,” she added.

Ten years may be fleeting to some, but raising a child alone was Bettinna’s greatest achievement. There is no love that can ever be comparable to that of a mother’s, and Bettinna found some space in her heart to welcome another blessing from God that will support and guide her through this thing we call life. Having been recently married to an entrepreneur, a handful of things have changed in her life. “I used to be the only one contemplating on and making decisions, now there is someone to make them for our family. All I need to do is follow. I have a teammate in raising Gummy in the ways of our Faith. Someone to take her out on dates and bring her to her playdates when I am occupied. The Lord has been our provider and my partner for 10 years, yes. But it is just such a blessing to now have an actual partner in everyday life.”

A mother’s life evolves through the years, but one thing that is constant is her unconditional love. The #EdenSpeaksPH event culminated with an exclusive preview of the brand’s film directed by Antoinette Jadaone, entitled “Unconditional.” The film sheds light on the challenge single moms experience in finding acceptance and support. As a trusted ally of moms for years, Eden will continue to provide unconditional love and support for all flavors of motherhood, no matter their beginning.


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