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‘Bastos nga ba?’ Maui Taylor, Rose Van Ginkel, and Janno Gibbs defend that the movie is not too vulgar!

The caption of the trailer says: “pwede mo kaming k*ntutin. NANG SABAY…”

After the release of its trailer, it gained negative reactions because of the words being used, however, cast members of the upcoming Vivamax movie 69+1 defended it.

In the virtual press conference of the movie on August 10, Maui Taylor, Rose Van Ginkel, and Janno Gibbs took turns in explaining why the movie is not that offensive.

The trailer itself, including the caption, was already filthy in its own right resulting in many netizens airing their concerns regarding the essence of the movie.

The caption of the trailer says: “pwede mo kaming k*ntutin. NANG SABAY…”

First to share his thoughts on the negativity that surrounds the upcoming movie was Gibbs. 

According to the seasoned actor, sex scenes in the Philippines were nothing compared to other countries such as the US where it has been normalized as being part of a film.

“Sa States, sa abroad, wala ito, wala itong mga ginagawa namin. Compared to yung mga ipapalabas palang at pinapalabas palang sa Vivamax, this is nothing compared to what they’re doing. Sila all-out sexy talaga, bold talaga. This is a comedy,”responded Gibbs.

To those who do not like the words used in the movie, Gibbs once again reiterated that the US uses such foul words in movies and that the Philippines should also adapt to how liberated American films were.

“Dun sa mga nabubulgaran sa words na ginagamit, eh pag sa English mo sinabi yun, sa Netflix, kung bitawan nila yun, dalawang beses per minute nila bitawan yun ‘di ba. Mahilig sila mag ‘hey what the fuck is…’,”he added.

The actor also took the time to compare 69+1 to other Vivamax movies such as Nerissa and Taya who both had intimate scenes that were not suitable for minors.

“Yung mga kalalabas lang, ‘Nerissa,’ ‘Taya,’ na labas, diba, wala. Wala kami sinabi do’n. Eto salita lang.”

Taylor, on the other hand, already expected that Filipinos would judge 69+1 since it involves sex.

“Ako naman sa totoo lang… Honestly kahit naman anong pelikula ang lumabas na feeling nila ganun ang tema, yun at yun lang din naman sasabihin nila eh,” she said. “Kumbaga they will always have an opinion of how these movies are done you know.”

The sexy star then said, “But honestly, for me, ang masasabi ko lang d’yan, is they’re free to judge, they’re free to say whatever it is they want to say.”

She added that before the public says something against the movie, they should watch it first to understand its deeper meaning.

“Pero ang sa akin, sana panuorin muna nila yung pelikula bago sila magbato ng kung anu-ano kasi I think yan yung nagiging mahirap sa atin ngayon eh, hindi pa nga napapanuod, ang dami ng sinasabi.

“Ang daming lumabas na pelikula ni Direk Darryl na feeling nila hindi maganda, feeling nila may problema, or basta they always say something about Darryl Yap’s films. Ang masasabi ko lang d’yan is panuorin niyo muna.”

Ginkel however, shared the sentiments of Pinoys who have watched the trailer.

“Ang feeling ko lang, dahil lang siguro dun sa term. Hindi kasi maganda talaga pakinggan for example ‘kantutan tayo’. Parang hindi mo talaga siya maganda pakinggan,”she admitted.

But she highlighted that it is part of reality where swear and vulgar words are being used on a daily basis.

“Pero sa totoong buhay parang ganun siya talaga, parang yung term lang yung naiba. Kumbaga parang ano lang siya talaga sa pandinig,” she continued.

Ginkel then reiterated that the words used in the movie were indeed vulgar. However, it does not mean that it is all about sex and nudity.

“Pero gaya po ng sinabi namin, yung movie naman na to hindi naman ibig sabihin nay un lang yung sinabi ay yun nalang ang gagawin naming sa buong movie.

“Maganda po yung story nito. Maayos po yung pagkakagawa namin. So siguro naano lang talaga sila sa word na yun.

“Kumbaga yung word na yun, nagbago na yung isip nila. Kumbaga akala nila ano na talaga, hubaran na kami dito, kung anu-ano na ginagawa naming dito.”

She then ended her explanation by saying that the cast of the movie does not care about the negative comments since they already knew its story.

“Pero sa’min naman since alam naman namin yung story and lahat, dedma lang po kami,”she ended.

69+1 is about lesbian couple Ivy (Taylor) and Patricia (Ginkel) who are on their way to their 7th anniversary. The couple has come up with a way to end their ‘seven-year itch’—have a man enter into their relationship. They agreed to have a throuple—three for a couple, for a year, since they missed the physical aspects of a man.

Gibbs plays a photographer Apol comes in. Ivy and Patricia found their desired qualification in Apol but were certain that they could never get attached to him. Together, they will discover if a polyamorous relationship will actually work for them or not.

Catch the movie, directed by Darryl Yap, the man behind Paglaki Ko Gusto Kong Maging PornstarAng Babaeng Walang PakiramdamRevirginized, and more. 69+1 will be streaming on Vivamax coming on September 3.

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