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Claudine Barretto denies her rumored debts with Jinkee Pacquiao

Barretto admitted that she felt sorry for Pacquiao for her name was dragged in the issue.

In an Instagram live on Tuesday, September 14, Claudine Barretto denied that she is in deep debt with Jinkee Pacquiao.

This was her response to the recent rumors about her. Some also claimed that she got involved in a failed business or transaction.

Barretto admitted that she felt sorry for Pacquiao for her name was dragged in the issue.

“Alam niyo ho sa una kasi hindi mo naman papansinin pag ganyan di ba? Kaya lang minsan pag hindi na mamatay-matay ‘yung tsismis, nakakabother na rin.

“Unang-una kasi nakakahiya kasi nada-drag ‘yung pangalan ni Jinkee. Kaklaruhin ko ngayon pa lang na wala akong kahit na anong utang kahit na kanino, kahit kay Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao,” the actress explained.

She also mentioned that she asked Jinkee to refute the rumors to clean her name.

Barretto shared that she is grateful for Pacquiao and her husband Manny for supporting her kids.

The actress said she also knows who is behind the rumors.

“Hindi ako mayaman pero hindi rin ako waldas sa pera,” she added.

Her sister, Gretchen, joined her in the live video and asked about the problem. The two also thanked Pacquiao for negating the rumors.

“Sinong nagkakalat niyan, babe? Hindi kaya ate mo?” Gretchen inquired.

“Bakit pag ako, ate mo talaga?” Claudine said laughingly.

“Bakit ka ba inaapi, ha? Tinawagan ka pa niya kagabi, ‘di ba? What time was that? Nasa cellphone mo. 2 something ng umaga tapos ‘yung boses ng ex-mayor nandon din ‘di ba?” Gretchen exposed.

One of the netizens got curious of the mysterious person they are talking about and Gretchen assured that they will soon reveal it in public.

“One of these days po sasagutin namin ang lahat ng mga nangyayari because a lot of people are also curious kung bakit kami live nang live.

“Meron kaming mga gustong sabihin na nagpipigil pa kami. Ayaw namin ng away, we just want peace. There are things that we want to clear because kailangan. There are also some things that kailangan idaan din sa lawyer.

“Now, we’d rather not talk about it yet, para fair ‘yung trial na ‘yun. I feel like Claudine wants to clear her name and get justice,” Gretchen said.

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