How To Cope With Pandemic Stress And Anxiety With Mindful Self-Care According to Life Coach Myke Celis

It’s almost two years since we have experienced the first lockdown brought about by the COVID19 pandemic.

It’s almost two years since we have experienced the first lockdown brought about by the COVID19 pandemic.

And admittedly, life wasn’t that easy for everyone, especially when wearing face masks and face shields have become the norm and social distancing is enforced left and right.

Being social beings so to speak, it’s not easy for us to be isolated in our own spaces, as stress and anxiety creeps in brought about by the uncertainty which the new Omicron variant brings to the picture.

Surviving with the virus present in our community is one thing, living a next to normal life is another.

“Resistance to the whole pandemic, most specially when new COVID variants surface, is a natural reaction. However, please know that not embracing the current scenario openly won’t allow us to learn and grow in the process,” according to celebrity life coach Myke Celis.

Celis, who has been at the forefront of helping people from across the globe cope with pandemic stress and anxiety points out that self-care is key to thrive during challenging times.

“As much as we want to banish the entire pandemic and go back to normal, on a personal note, we can only control our own behavior as we take responsibility for ourselves. Know though that by focusing on that, we relieve ourselves from the unnecessary stress and anxiety of wanting to control everything around us and the frustrations arising from things not happening as planned.”

In this interview, Coach Myke shares some tips on how one can better take care of himself/herself during the pandemic as cases rise again.

“It is important to ask ourselves now: what is under my control and what can I do to keep myself safe and sane? Your over all health matters most at this point in time and keeping it your top priority allows you to survive and thrive there after. So do away with things that might put your physical health at risk and change unhealthy habits that may compromise your mental health (and overall well being) as well. Mindful self-care is key.”

Changing habits allow us to adapt better with the current scenario amidst the surge of COVID 19 cases.

Coach Myke: “Do away with behavior and habits that no longer serve you well like going out unnecessarily or consuming too much information from social media and letting them get the best of you. Now is actually the best time to practice being more mindful and intentional with your living. Reflect: what are essential to my survival at this point in time? Learn to recognize your priorities and stick to them. If it’s not related to that, choose to let go so that you don’t fill your mind space with unnecessary clutter that may stress you out and cause you to be anxious in the long run.”

It is also important to know that surviving the pandemic is a shared responsibility.

“Be the example you want to see in others. Inspire others with your actions. Show them how you take care of yourself by observing proper protocols, eating and living healthily, while allowing yourself to pause and breathe to recalibrate as needed.

“Also, be mindful about your news sources: verify facts and don’t just jump into conclusions or do something impulsive. Your small deeds can have a huge impact when they inspire others to change for the better as well.

“Remember, stress and anxiety happens when you are caught of guard and you resist everything in the process. So instead of doing so, allow yourself to grow with the flow,” says the life coach behind the globally renowned #bestmeever platform.

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