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10 Easter eggs, exciting details spotted in ABS-CBN’s ‘Darna TV series’ trailer

Details and some pieces of information should catch the attention of faithful fans in the trailer. These are noticeable by those following the tale and its many incarnations in both movies and on television through the years.

Some interesting details about the upcoming superhero drama got spotted in its widely-talked-about trailer.

Excitement abounds for what could be ABS-CBN’s most ambitious and most important drama of the year. With the release of the network’s first TV adaptation of the well-known Mars Ravelo superhero tale, fans have been raving about Darna, and all eyes seemingly set on Jane De Leon as the latest actress to don the iconic velvet costume and winged headdress.

Details and some pieces of information should catch the attention of faithful fans in the trailer. These are noticeable by those following the tale and its many incarnations in both movies and on television through the years.

Some ‘canon’ items made appearances, but there is also new and intriguing information that can only make viewers look forward to the upcoming series.

A stronger ‘Narda.’

A very noticeable difference between the ‘Narda’ of this new adaptation and the previous incarnations is the superheroine’s ‘normal’ or human version.

Darna can already fight and equipped to handle hand-to-hand combat, even without summoning the stone’s power. Past versions have depicted Narda as a simple barrio lass and at times, a paraplegic girl, like the one portrayed by Marian Rivera in the 2009 series.

How Narda acquired the sentient white stone?

Unlike most earlier versions, ABS-CBN’s Darna changes the manner of Narda’s acquisition of her power.

In past incarnations, Narda found the magical stone and accidentally summoned its protector, who entrusted Darna’s power to its new keeper. In this current version, Narda’s mother, Leonor (Iza Calzado), personally handed the stone and named her the new protector.

The Mention of Planet Marte.

The original comic series mentioned about a planet called Marte as Darna’s home planet, but it was never fully explored in movies. The GMA Network TV adaptation in 2005 delved deeper into the subject and expanded it with additional never-mentioned-before details.

In the trailer, Calzado’s character, Leonor, figured out who was after her and finally found her.

She warned her daughter, Narda, that if the alien visitors succeeded at securing the magical stone, Planet Marte won’t be the only planet that would meet its end, but Earth as well.

The iconic ‘Darna’ pose.

One of the most distinctive images of Darna is when she makes her iconic pose, which she does by standing with her arms akimbo. There are two variations of this pose, one with her firsts folded and the other with her fists open.

Calzado, who also plays the first Darna, notably made the iconic pose when she transformed back to Leonor.

Town or Province of Nueva Esperanza.

The specific setting of Darna has perpetually changed over the years, from one movie or TV series to another.

In ABS-CBN’s adaptation, the town or province is called Nueva Esperanza. The name appeared a few times in the trailer via a newspaper, on a seal of a municipal trial court.

Cyborg and visitors from another planet.

There is a mention of a ‘Cyborg’ that appears to have been defeated by Darna.

In the trailer, a robot, which may be the ‘cybog,’ referred to by the newspapers, noticeably led an onslaught against a city.

Visitors from another planet got mentioned by newspapers as headlines. In the comics, Darna have confronted several villains who hailed from another planet, including The Planetman and The Planet Women.

Leonor Custodio as the First Darna and Narda’s mentor.

It is interesting to note that Iza Calzado’s character name means “light,” which seems very fitting as she is tasked to guide her daughter as the next ‘Darna.’

Also, the trailer emphasized the rise of a superhero, who will serve as “light” amid the darkness.

Valentina’s origins.

The official trailer did not share enough clear details about Darna’s ultimate nemesis, Valentina, but it did offer some intriguing glimpses about the character.

In this new adaptation, she is Regina Vanguardia, daughter of Rex Vanguardia, who seemed to be a manipulative father. The trailer suggested Regina suffers from a sort of mental disorder. Her final look is yet to be revealed, but the trailer did share an exciting peek.

The Extras.

The trailer also introduced ‘The Extras’ to the viewers.

There is no concrete information about who they are in the trailer, but they could be the ‘zombies’ that attack the people or the ordinary humans which the trailer described as ‘criminals.’

A tease for Jane De Leon’s ‘Darna’ look.

The trailer made De Leon’s complete look as ‘Darna’ remains a mystery, although it shared glimpses of how ‘badass’ the Kapamilya star would look when she dons the iconic red costume and headdress. 

One must look closely and play the trailer in slow-mo to notice the faint image of Darna that appeared behind the flames when Narda shouted ‘Darna!’.

Twitter user, ALTiWantTFC shared a screenshit of the said ‘tease’.

What are your thoughts about these observations? Did you spot other interesting Easter eggs on the trailer? Do share them in the comment section.

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