GMA Network’s “Legacy,” dubbed as the “glossy drama masterpiece” of Philippine Primetime Television

Beginning January 16, 2012,brace yourselves for the grandest, much-awaited and the best of Philippine Entertainment on GMA, as it launches the most alluring primetime series that will surely bait the television viewers for its visually unparalleled production and well-crafted story with the grand premiere of “Legacy.”


This new GMA series is dubbed as the “glossy drama masterpiece” of Philippine Primetime Television.

In the series, Don Romualdo’s son, Cesar, falls in love with a factory worker named Isabel. Among all the girls that he dated, it is only Isabel whom Cesar gets serious with. However, Don Romualdo forces his son to marry Eva, an heiress of the bank who lends them money in order to sustain their business. Cesar later decides to leave Eva and fight for his love for Isabel. But the situation will change when Eva tells him that she is pregnant.

Cesar once had a baby named Bernadette from the former bold star Anna Marie but Don Romualdo was not convinced that Cesar is the father of the baby.

One day, when Eva tries to confront Isabel, a squabble takes place eventually putting the rallying employees to jail, including Isabel and Lucio, her avid suitor. Isabel hopes and prays that Cesar will help them get out of jail. As expected, the case against them was pulled out and they are released.

Full of gladness, Isabel hurriedly goes to the office of Cesar to thank him for the help. To her surprise, Cesar asks her to leave the company and puts an end to their romantic relationship. Her world falls apart and the shock causes an emotional breakdown. Lucio will bring her to the hospital to have her checked and the news of pregnancy was announced by the doctor. She then decides to tell Cesar about the good news but Eva will drive her away.

Eva now faces her fear of Cesar leaving them once he learns of Isabel’s pregnancy. Her mom, Sophia, will convince her to continue pretending that she’s pregnant. They will adopt a baby to make their plan realistic. It will be a success and the baby will be named Natasha.

After many years, the newly hailed Marketing Officer of the Legacy Corporation, Natasha, stumbles upon Diana in a beauty contest and a rivalry is born between them.

The well-loved CEO of the Legacy Corporation Cesar Alcantara passes away. His untimely death marks the fight of Bernadette and Diana for legal rights to their father’s name and estate.


Having three beautiful daughters battling to be the successor of the Legacy Corporation, who will emerge on top? Up to what extent are they willing to fight to inherit the “Legacy” of their father? And who will reign as the sole owner of the corporation?

Legacy,” created by the GMA Drama group, is headed by Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama; Ma. Regina Magno, AVP for Drama; Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager; Winnie Reyes, Executive Producer; and the creative team composed of Jun Lana, Creative Director; Jake Tordesillas, Creative Head; Suzette Doctolero, Creative Consultant; Arlene Navarro-Punio, Headwriter; and Dode Cruz, Creator.

This series features equally beautiful actresses Heart Evangelista, Alessandra de Rossi, and Lovi Poe and they are joined by Kapuso leading men Geoff Eigenmann, Mike Tan and Sid Lucero and is directed by Jay Altarejos. Other casts for “Legacy” are as follows: Solenn Heussaff, Sam Pinto, Mark Bautista, Eddie Garcia, Cherie Gil, Maritoni Fernandez, Robert Sena, Ryza Cenon and Richard Quan. On the other side, Dennis Trillo, Chynna Ortaleza, Dominic Roco and Bianca King is set to be a guest cast on “Legacy.”

Under the helm of director Jay Altajeros, witness the outpouring of beauty, love, drama and how “Legacy” raises the bar of primetime series from Monday to Friday starting January 16, 2012, only on GMA.




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  1. OMG! Legacy! Copy paste ba ito ng “MAGKARIBAL” the battling daughters like Bea Alonzo and Gretchen Barreto, the adopted daughter Erich Gonzales… whew!!!!! nang mabasa ko ang blog sa Lionheart parang may resemblance baka kung i-replay pa ang MAGKARIBAL eh ito pa ang masmaganda kasi ORIGINAL TALAGA… naku GMA kelan ba kayo gagawa ng teleserye na hindi nagiging kamukha ng ibang teleserye? GMA talaga means Gustong Maging Abscbn…

  2. kapal mo amn para sabihing copy paste ito ng magkaribal,.kung pareho ang sypnosis sa una pa lang edi sana nagtrend din ang Magkaribal mo~!! DIva nga ginawan ng ABS ng Idol eh.,obvious na obvious pa yun huh.,ang abs meaning nya Ang Bobobo Super., bago magsalita about gaya gaya., tignan mo muna sarili mo huh mukha kcng di mo nkikita na mas marumi k sa sinasabihan mo

  3. FYI.. pano mag ttrend ang MAGKARIBAL noon? eh hindi pa naman uso noon ang TWITTER! :)))))) kahit naman di uso noon, mataas naman ratings noon ng MAGKARIBAL.
    and marami naman talaga nagsasabing parang Magkaribal siya.
    –eh ano naman kung may IDOL? eh before that naman may bituin walang ningning — may singing effect din naman yun.
    –tapos yung LEGACY nakiki gaya sa No Other Woman sa quotable lines KUNO :))))))))

  4. ang kapal…kung bitter ka umalis ka dito..copy paste…??..yang abs mo hindi copy paste?…packing tape ka..t*angna mo.. lumayas ka dito..kung copy paste kami kayo xerox copy!!!..mas sosyal ang GMA kumpara sa ABS mo walang kwenta..g*go!!..

  5. Weeeeeehh!!gaya2 ang GMA!!!!!wahhhhhh,mga artist nio laos kumpara sa Abs!!!mga ogag!!!i hate GMA since when i was Young,taz now…lalo pa aqong nandidiri sa mga programa nila,npaka faaaanngggeeeetttt ng mga show!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

  6. Haisssssst…kelan nio (GMAfanatic) ba matatanggap na ABS ang pinaka sa lahat ng PINAKA mganda huh…Magandang show, me class na ARTist, kelan nio matatanggap huh???

    tong mga Gma fanatic na’to,ayw pa tanggapin na laos sila sa lahat ng bagay!!! mga CHEAP!!me pa ratings2 pa kau,mega manila lang naman…hnd nio nga makuha2 ung taga mega cebu in davao,taz aangas2 kau!!wahhhhhhhhhhh….kaffaaalll ng face nio!!


  7. Nag kataon lang cguro na mganda reception ng Gma sa mega manila…kaya ung nanono0d they don’t have any choice,kea pinano0d nlang ang Gma… huhuhuhu.:(( ( feel sorry for GMA)

  8. eh si GOZON nga di masagot si Korina sa ad congress kung number where? Kayu pa kayang mga fans lang? :))))

    and true!!! malakas lang siguro reception ng GMA sa manila kaya no choice ang karamihan. Gaya gaya naman talaga GMA.. inulit pa ngang i air mismo dati ang METOR GARDEN DBA? which was first on ABS CBN!

  9. I dont see any resemblance of this show from Magkaribal. Ive seen magkaribal and i think this legacy is different. Those who are posting comments here negatively just show what kind of person you are and how your parents brought you up. Ashamed of yourself not with GMA cause GMA7 is earning money with what they’re doing the right way while ya’ll are just haters and gonna be haters forever, wasting time bashing and getting nothing. That’s shameful 🙂 Blame your parents why you’ve come up that way 😀

  10. makinig ka ABS fanatic.. baka hindi mo alam na kulang pa sa professionalism ang halos dyan sa mga artists nyo! kala mo sikat na… ang yayabang… super dagdag sa init ng ulo ng mga tao dito ang unprofessionalism na ginawa nila… kung magsasalita ka kala mo magagaling na sila.. watch and learn… simple lang naman bumanat ang GMA at least PROFESSIONAL!

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