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Unexpected ending of Pastillas Girl and the man on the viral video, time of healing

It takes a courageous man to admit his mistakes, much if he will ask forgiveness on live television where everyone can see. This is how the story of Pastillas Girl and the man she is pertaining to her viral video went on the episode of “Nasaan Ka Mr. Pastillas?” segment of It’s Showtime earlier. As we are very consumed in finding the ‘new’ right guy for her, we didn’t know that the man caused her heart broken was in the same place, getting ready to face her.

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His name is Enzo. The moment he stepped on the camera, what you would see is a lonely heart that reflects on his face. The meeting is concealed so not to spoil the objective of the show – that is to let Ms. Pastillas and Enzo forgive and move on to a much happier life. And congratulations, they succeeded.

The two bravely opened their hearts to let the public know how sincere they were in finding forgiveness. Though the video gave them a rough start, with negative comments throwing at them sideways and brought up ‘not good’ past issues, this leads them to meet again and talk and close the long-overdue chapter of their lives.

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It is not easy to say sorry, nor easy to face the person you caused so much heartache in the past. What Ms. Pastillas and Enzo showed today would be a lesson to everyone not to be afraid in facing fears. Sometimes it takes time to say it, but what matter most is you will be able to say it, before it is too late.

It rarely happens in a show to fill in the gap between two distraught people. And it is a brilliant idea to make it happen, whether it would bring too much happiness or sadness in someone else’s heart. It’s Showtime is not just giving joy to viewers but also they are making sure that the joy has a peace with it. To complete the life of every ‘madlang pipol’.

Since Enzo’s chapter is now officially close, Ms. Pastillas can now open her heart, again, to someone who will solely love her. Perhaps one between Evan, Jess or Topher could be it. Or, I would say, let love find its way toward Angelica Jane Yap.



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