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Darren Espanto to be paired with Sofia Andres?

Young and popular singer Darren Espanto will reportedly have a love team partner in the person of Sofia Andres.

According to Jobert Sucaldito of Bandera, there seems to be a plan being brewed to pair off the two teeners.


Darren is known as a belter, singing high-pitched songs of female artists like Mariah Carey and Sia. His ‘Chandelier’ video had gone viral on YouTube and has been praised by international stars like Ashton Kutcher and Nicki Minaj.

Sofia Andres, on the other hand, is known for her recent role as Sari in the film “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig” and as Katherine “Kate” Saavedra in the now defunct TV series, “Forevermore”.

If their planned pairing pushes through, we’re wondering if the age gap would make any difference? Darren is only 14 while Sofia turned 17 last August. But if age doesn’t matter in love, how about with love teams?

Sofia Andres forDarren

Well, it seems age would be an issue with some fans. A few days ago, Sofia playfully “hacked” into Darren’s Instagram account and posted a picture of the lower half of her face on his account. Then Darren posted videos on his IG, showing him and Sofia with their cute antics. The photo and videos drew mixed reactions from the followers of Darren.

Some fans noted that Sofia is a bit older than Darren and that the two are more like siblings more than anything else; while others approved of the pair saying they look like a good match..

Like Sucaldito, some fans are a bit resistant to a “SofRen” tandem, but promise to support them in case ABS-CBN launches them formally as a love team.

If the IG posts on Darren’s account with Sofia at his side were deliberately floated to test the reactions of the fans, all ABS-CBN had to do is to read through the comments of Darren’s followers. They will find some gems and trash talk, but they would also gain a rough idea as to the public pulse regarding SofRen.

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