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Kiefer Ravena allegedly cheats on Alyssa Valdez after leakage of alleged private photos

Basketball star Kiefer Ravena is now facing controversies from his fans and Alyssa Valdez’s.

The controversies have sparked when alleged nude photos of him went viral in social media.

Actually, there was a blind item that might connect to Kiefer on Fashion Pulis website before the issue has spread out.

As a chismosong writer, I went back in time to identify the source of the leaked photos.

The original uploader was the girl in her byname Geng Paltrow. She is, according to her Twitter account, model and cover girl. This girl uploaded the alleged Viber conversations of her and Kiefer on February 14 of this year, that’s according to one of the screenshots she provided.

Prior to Valentine’s Day, Kiefer flew to Thailand to follow Alyssa who played for 3BB Nakornnont.

The uploader also used hashtags #PhenomMeansManiac, #PhenomMeansCheater, PhenomMeansUser and #PhenomMeans2Timer addressing her tweets to Kiefer.

The conversation also revealed that aside from Kiefer, the girl had been probably sending photos of her private parts, and vice versa.

Geng also uploaded the profile of Kiefer on Viber. His supposed phone number was written below his photo.

By typing it on Facebook, a profile linking to a certain Kiefer Ravena will appear.

Meanwhile, the original uploader has already deactivated her account after their supposedly last conversation.

What’s your thoughts about Kiefer’s alleged nude photos? Do you think he’s cheating on Alyssa? Let’s all find out.


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