Why ‘BAKIT MARIS’ is trending on Twitter

  • Maris Racal and Iza Calzado play the character of Hazel in the upcoming episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK): Take Me Home. 
  • Hazel was raped and forced to be a sex worker to live and sustain her family’s needs.
  • “BAKIT MARIS” trended way before the episode aired.

Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK): Take Me Home will air on November 18, 8pm. The episode is about Hazel, a young woman from Siquijor. Maris Racal and Iza Calzado will both play the role of Hazel.

Hazel is a young woman from Siquijor. She always wanted to study properly but her father couldn’t pay for her school fees. So, her aunt offered to pay for her tuition in exchange of being her household maid. Unfortunately one day, her aunt’s husband raped her causing her to be asked to leave the house.

MMK Official tweeted, “Sa darating na Sabado (Nobyembre 18) abangan sina Maris Racal at Iza Calzao bilang si Hazel, isang babaeng napagsamantalahan ngunit patuloy na lumaban hanggang sa mga pagsubok sa buhay ay malagpasan #MMK

One day, she met a certain man named Bensyo. They lived and also had a baby together. The baby was sent off to Hazel’s mother then she was sold into a brothel to be a sex worker. When Hazel couldn’t take it anymore, she reported Bensyo to the police.

Another tweet from MMK Official says, “Tunghayan ang kwento ni Hazel na puno ng aral at inspirasyon. #MMK

As time passes by, Hazel still continues to be a sex worker to earn money for her son. Sadly, her son couldn’t accept her because of her job. Although, questions like: “When will her life finally be peaceful?” and “When will her son accept her?” remain.

Maris Racal had performed so well that the phrase, “BAKIT MARIS,” went trending on Twitter. At first, a lot of netizens were confused and didn’t know what was the trend all about.

A tweet from an innocent Twitter user says, “what’s with BAKIT MARIS?”

Until, Random Republika tweeted, explaining why BAKIT MARIS is trending. With the tweet from MMK Official attached.

So, this is why BAKIT MARIS is trending! Bakit nga ba, @MissMarisRacal? #MMK #MaalaalaMoKaya #MarisRacal

Although, this wasn’t the first time such question for Maris trended.

A tweet from a Maris’ fan says, “BAKIT MARIS. Noong 2014, “Why Maris” trended because she was nominated. Ngayong 2017, “Bakit Maris” is trending because of her upcoming role on MMK. Gotya Maris, can’t wait to watch you this Saturday! @MissMarisRacal

Another tweet features Maris’ friends reactions on the new MMK episode.


@iamjoshuagarcia: Maris bakit!!!

@iamAndalioLoisa” bakit marisss


Nalolong press nila yung last characters hahahahahah QIQIL SILA!!!!!



Attached with the tweet was a screenshot of Maris’ friends reaction.

It was also impressive that at such a young age, Maris could pull off such a powerful performance. This just shows that she loves acting and could be as versatile as possible.

The tweet from a fan inclide photos of her in a casket and her rape shot from MMK Official. The tweet says, “Not really sure kung ano mas nakaka takot for you, at the age of 20, 3 yrs in the Biz pero you are doing this already. What a versatile actress that you can portray any role. I AM A PROUD FAN. :))) @MissMarisRacal here’s to many more. Can’t waitttt! :))

Directed by Raz dela Torre, written by Akeem Jordan del Rosario and Arah Jell Badayos. The episode also includes: Nonie Buencamino, Jordan Herrera, Gerald Madrid, Jairus Aquino, Maria Isabel Lopez, Soliman Cruz, Tom Olivar, Nor Domingo and Eagle Riggs.




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