Is GMA Films still planning of producing movies?

  • GMA Films lessened the production of movies.
  • In 2012, GMA Films managed to produce eight movies.
  • This became the most it has ever done since its very start.

GMA First Vice President for Program Management Joey Abacan revealed whether GMA Films would produce more movies.

In an interview with, Joey explained that the film industry at a time went in a slump. GMA Films had a resolution in 2012 to produce one film per month.

In 2012, GMA Films produced My Kontrabida Girl, The Witness, The Road, Boy Pick-Up: The Movie, Just One Summer, Of All The Things, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, Sossy Problems and Si Agimat, si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako.

However, GMA Films only managed to produce eight films that year which became the most it has ever done since its very start.

GMA Films decided to lessen the production of movies. Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards’ Imagine You and Me became its last successful movie in 2017.

In the interview, Joey confirmed that GMA Films would produce more movies. According to the Kapuso executive, GMA Films did try to feel the market all the time. However, film industry at one time went into a slump.

“It has always been like that, kahit noong una naman na nag-handle ng GMA Films, we tried to feel the market all the time. And if you speak to the people who handled GMA Films before, kasi there was a time also that the film industry was also in a slump.”

As a business, Joey shared that Annette Gozon tried to test the waters in producing movies.

“Siyempre, as business people also, you have to be checking, what’s the climate right now. So yung nangyari dati, hindi rin nag-produce. Here comes kami naman nila Annette [Gozon], panahon na namin nila Annette, o sige, mukhang laban, laban. E, nagmukhang malamlam din. So, maiintindihan ko kung ano yung ano ng board.”

Joey also explained that producing movies isn’t his job.

“I’ve been head of the program management, hindi naman films. Taga-bili talaga ko. Si Annette talaga yung sa GMA Films.”



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