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8 Male Celebrities Who Reacted When Accused Of Being “Gay”

  • Male celebrities most common problem when rising to fame is being rumored to be gay
  • Some admitted, some denied, and some proved they are 100% masculine
  • We’ve curated a list of famous male celebrities who have been accused of being gay and their reactions

Male celebrities rising into fame can’t avoid being bashed. The most common bashing among popular male celebrities is the accusation of being gay.

Here are some of these so-called celebrities that have been suspected as gay.

Paolo Ballesteros

It took Paolo Ballesteros a while to confirm his sexual orientation. Apparently, when he announced it many years ago, one netizen was not informed. On his Instagram post in September 2017, a netizen commented “bakla” in an attempt to make Paolo mad.

The actor simply replied in class, “mas pogi naman sayo.”

Piolo Pascual

The matinee idol Piolo Pascual has been accused of being gay since he rose into fame. Sadly, no one can still prove it and none has solid evidence that he is indeed feminine on the inside.

The actor is very respectful, kind, and probably all the good traits you can find in a perfect man, but he gets hurt too. He admitted in 2014 that he feels insulted when people call him gay.

Alexander Lee

K-Pop star Alexander Lee ended the controversy of him being gay in July this year. He posted a long statement on social media saying it once and for all that he is not gay.

And if he is, he highlighted that there’s nothing wrong with being gay. His exact words were, “Aside from that, what’s wrong with being gay? You think people choose to be gay? Stop judging others. You are not God. And only God knows the reason and the answer why.”

Bimby Aquino

Kris Aquino’s youngest son may have been raised like a sensitive baby girl, but he proved that he is a 100% man. Bimby could not escape bashers from judging him even though he is still a child.

Well, these bashers should be ashamed knowing a child talked sense to them. Bimby said, “Like people think, like, I’m homosexual? Why would you judge a child?

Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano is a guy with a good sense of humor. No wonder pretty actresses fall easily on his charm and wits. Even though Luis’ exes are probably the hottest stars in the industry today, people still think of him as gay.

Luis usually let these bashers pass, but there was one netizen the actor took as an exception.

He replied to this basher, “It’s always fun when you see a basher with a bible quote on their profile…i bet kinakahiya ka ng anak mo para sa pagiging plastic, bawal kayo sa makati at QC ha, bawal plastic dun.”

Paolo Bediones

Paolo Bediones continues to get bashed online about his sexual orientation. People think he’s gay even though he denied it several times. However, an eventful day silenced half of Paolo’s bashers.

A sex video went trending online allegedly involving the actor having sex with a female model. Not the kind of proof Paolo planned, but it works anyway.

Teejay Marquez

Teejay Marquez knows that people think he’s gay even though he knows for himself that he isn’t. In an interview with PEP, the actor explained the factors that made people doubt his sexuality.

He said, “Siguro dahil sabi nila, ‘Ang guwapo mo, para kang bakla,’ ‘Ang puti mo masyado, para kang bakla,’ ‘Ang tahimik mo masyado, para kang bakla,’ o kaya, ‘Ang daldal mo masyado, para kang bakla… Sure naman po ako sa gender ko.”

Darren Espanto

The most recent gay controversy today is Darren Espanto’s furious tweet exchange with JK Labajo who called him gay. Out of all the cool reactions from other male celebrities above, this one is the most intense.

Darren threatened JK that he will take legal actions against such accusations.

Too much? JK explained in the end that his account was hacked and he is clueless that the heated exchange happened.

Who among these male celebrities do you think are telling the truth? You decide.


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