Vice Ganda complains to “It’s Showtime”: Nagtatrabaho ba talaga ako para sa inyo?

  • It’s Showtime hosts, DJ and director recently went to Hong Kong.
  • They went on a two-day vacation and managed to go back in the country just on time to host and helm the show.
  • When Vhong Navarro invited them to another trip, Vice Ganda jokingly complained.

It’s Showtime hosts Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Karylle, Jhong Hilario, Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, Ryan Bang, Amy Perez and Vice Ganda went on a short vacation trip in Hong Kong.

They were with DJ M.O.D. and the variety show’s director Bobet Vidanes. They also brought their loved ones and partners such as Karylle’s husband Yael Yuzon, Jhong’s girlfriend Maia Azores, Jug’s wife Andie Aguirre and Teddy’s wife Jasmine Corpuz.

It’s Showtime hosts traveled to Hong Kong.

They used the hashtag #ItsBreakTime in all of their social media posts. Mariel Rodriguez wasn’t able to join them. She, then, expressed her relief that all of them arrived on time to be with her on the show. During Umagang Kay Ganda, Perez revealed that The Unkabogable Star financed their transportation expenses.

Jhong thanked Vice for the Hong Kong trip.

Co-hosts hoped the trip could happen again soon during their Monday episode on January 14. Jhong thanked Vice and Direk Bobet for the experience they had during their short vacation.

“I forgot to thank Direk Bobet and Vice Ganda for the wonderful experience in Hong Kong!”

Vice joked and asked what happened during their trip.

“Anong experience natin sa Hong Kong together?”

Jhong just pointed out how happy his experiences was with them.

“Happiest experience, one of the happiest experiences in my life… It [was] only two days but it feels like it was ten years.”

Vhong invited Vice in another out-of-the-country trip.

Vhong opened up about Vice’s upcoming concert with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, The Song Bird and The Song Horse.

“Jhong, diba nag-uusap tayo kanina? Sabi niya kasi na 70% na sold-out ‘yung concert with Miss Regine. So after ng concert, kailangan magpahinga—“

Mariel quipped that they should celebrate the success.

“I-celebrate ‘yung success–“

Vhong pointed out that they should all be together.

“Oo, with our group also.”

Amy supported his idea.

“As a family!”

Vhong, then, asked where their next trip should be.

“As a family! So after Hong Kong, saan naman tayo?”

Anne quickly suggested a country.


Amy quipped.

“Ah, pwede ring Korea!”

Vice complained.

Vice, who was silent for a long moment, laughed and jokingly complained.

“Nagtatrabaho ba talaga ako para sa inyo?”

The Unkabogable Star later invited them to a Groto Vista in Bulacan or La Union. He, then, countered that he would go on a trip with his mother who (according to him)  has the semblance of the late Senator Miriam Defensor.



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