Trade in your uneven skin tone for a bright and radiant glow with Olay’s new Body Science Body Wash

Packed with skincare must-have Niacinamide, even Pia Wurtzbach swears by this product to achieve her #OlayBodyGlow!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Whether your upcoming plans involve occasional trips to the outside world or even just an array of online video conferences at home, the need for proper skin care remains.

And the secret to achieving bright, glowing skin all over is with Olay’s Body Wash with Niacinamide— the best skincare for face, which is now also available for your body!

We may have skipped the beach trips and sunbathing sessions last summer, but even if we’re just stuck at home, we’re still left to deal with an uneven skin tone. That’s why Olay, long regarded as the gold standard for achieving brighter skin, launches its Body Science Body Wash, which is infused with Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 and an essential nutrient that contributes to general skin health.

Skincare fanatics will know that Niacinamide is the secret ingredient to brightening skincare products, and that’s because it helps build proteins in the skin and locks in moisture to prevent damage from environmental stressors. In just 28 days, Olay’s Body Science Wash with Niacinamide works its magic by giving you an even skin tone and a radiant look. Even beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach swears by it! “Skin care has been my priority ever since, and I am so glad with the fact that I can take care of the rest of my body just like how I take care of my face with Olay Body Wash. I love that it makes my skin more radiant and glowing,” Pia said.

To suit your self care preferences, Olay Body Science Body Wash comes in three variants, each one made with a special ingredient that would give your skin the nourishment it deserves.

● Pamper yourself with the Cleansing and Brightening variant, infused with Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C, to achieve radiant and bright skin.

● For radiant and dewy skin, try out the Cleansing and Nourishing variant that comes with Vitamin B3 + Hyaluronic Acid, easing out fine wrinkles to give you a luminous look.

● There is also the Cleansing and Firming variant, made especially with Vitamin B3 and peptides to give you firm skin and the #OlayBodyGlow.

With Olay Body Science Body Wash, you can give your body the TLC it deserves. There’s no need to worry about an uneven skin tone, because when you give your body the best skin care for your face, you can achieve that #OlayBodyGlow!

#DontLeaveYourBodyBehind in your skincare regimen. Experience the gold standard of body washes with Olay Body Science Body Wash, now available online through Lazada, Shopee and Watsons.


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