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TV REVIEW: Tension erupts as ‘A Soldier’s Heart’ moves closer to its finale

ABS-CBN’s action-drama is heading to an explosive conclusion, with gripping confrontations that will surely excite faithful followers


ACTORS: Gerald Anderson, Carlo Aquino, Sid Lucero, Irma Adlawan, Rommel Padilla, Jerome Ponce, Nash Aguas Elmo Magalona, Yves Flores, Mon Confiado, Ariel Rivera, Mickey Ferriols, Nicky Valdez, Vin Abrenica, Sue Ramirez

FORMAT: Teleserye

PREMISE:  A group of young soldiers perform their duties to the nation, while trying to keep and protect  the brotherhood they found in each other

TIME SLOT:  Weeknights, 9:15 PM


A Soldier’s Heart’s compelling plot about a band of patriotic brothers, trying to fulfill their sworn duty to the country as they resolve their personal issues, is a rare treat these days. Viewers can expect riveting action sequences, complemented by outstanding performances from the ensemble cast.

Prospects went through grueling exercises as part of their scout ranger training

This Gerald Anderson-starrer was affected by the pandemic when the government implemented measures that would halt content production across the entertainment industry. It went off-air, along with other productions, and remained so for a few months before returning on the 15th of June. As industry-wide safety protocols were implemented, showrunners were prompted to institutionalize guidelines that would enable the show to go as planned. Actors and production staff and crew moved to their lock-in location in Rizal where most scenes are being shot.

Alex (Anderson) struggles to accept he came from a family of terrorists

It is important to note that when the show returned in June, it first showed already canned episodes, before airing fresh ones. The events took off from the heat of its developing plot in March, which involves Alex Marasigan (Anderson) being on the verge of finding out his real identity. Since then, there have been many memorable performances that audiences have been raving about, as evident in their strong response online. Some of the most memorable scenes included the heartbreaking scene between the Alhurajis and Alex, where Yasmin Alhuraji (Irma Adlawan) and Saal Alhuraji (Sid Lucero), introduced themselves as Alex’s real family.

Courtroom scenes became regular when strict safety protocols discouraged production to carry out field sequences

As the network shifted to cable and online platforms, the show also moved on to a new season, with new episodes shot during the implementation of a general community quarantine. The story also moves to dig deeper into Alex’s relationship with his true family, and more complications are introduced to the plot.

The relationships between the young soldiers are also paid more attention to, and cracks in their supposedly unbreakable brotherhood, are exposed. Light is shed on conspiracies and dangerous missions deployed several players to exciting places in the plot, including that of Abe’s (Carlo Aquino), which later on forces Alex to pick between two equally-important choices.

A charge of colluding with the enemy against Alex sends him to court and for a few weeks, the plot of the show involved almost only scenes where Alex tried to prove himself innocent of the charges he was being accused of. This point of the series proves to be emotionally-draining, as characters were made to confront each other.

Alex is found innocent of charges he is accused of

As the story heads for its inevitable resolution, tension erupts and more exciting complications unfold, turning the already compelling plot more interesting than ever. Previews of next episodes promise a return to the more action-packed combat scenes, which should excite viewers who followed the show from free tv to online.

Can the conflict between Alex and the Alhurajis be settled? Will there be peace between the opposing Christian and Muslim forces depicted in the show? These are just two of the most important questions the show may have to provide answers to in its long-awaited conclusion.

A SOLDIER’S HEART airs over KAPAMILYA CHANNEL and KAPAMILYA ONLINE LIVE, and also streamed live on the new iWant TFC app.


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