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Ranking Every ‘I Can See You’ Title: Which Among the Four Stories Intrigued Us the Most?

The exciting romance drama series ran on air from September 28 until its final episode last Friday, October 23.

Romance, mystery, sensuality, comedy, betrayal, revenge…every genre and teleserye clichés seem to be stuffed into one show in GMA Network’s newest drama anthology, ‘I Can See You’.

The exciting romance drama series ran from September 28 until its final episode last Friday, October 23. Featuring four different mini-series, the drama anthology explored audience-favorite tropes like adultery and friends-turned-enemies and featured remarkable performances from the network’s most bankable stars.

And now that we’ve seen all the episodes, we rank all the titles from intriguing to the most intriguing and hope this will help you decide which one to check out first, since all episodes are being made available for free, on GMA Entertainment’s official webpage.

4. High-rise Lovers (Lovi Poe, Winwyn Marquez, Tom Rodriguez)

I Can See You’s take on the adultery trope is very sensual. Here, the mistress was played by actress-turned-beauty-queen, Winwyn Marquez, while the married couple was played by Tom Rodriguez and Lovi Poe.

The two were having trouble with their marriage which made Rodriguez’s character find comfort in another woman’s arms, and in this case, that woman’s Ysabel, played by Marquez. Among the highlights of the mini-series, is the confrontation between Lovi Poe’s Samantha and Ysabel.

The scene was both classy and campy that it would easily remind audiences of countless other shows with the same theme.

3. Love On the Balcony (Alden Richards, Jasmine Curtis-Smith)

Love On the Balcony has all the makings of the traditional koreanovela - light and sweet at first, only to rip your heart apart with a heartbreaking twist at its conclusion.

Richards and Smith played a lovely couple in a story of love and second chances. One major plus point of this show is that Jasmine’s character was a nurse, which somehow made the show, a symbolic tribute to all frontliners.

The last episode of the show is surely a tearjerker, but also hopeful.

2. Truly. Madly. Deeply. (Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, Rhian Ramos)

Not only this story is controversial, it offers mind-blowing twists that many audiences may never have anticipated.

Aside from touching on the sensitive topic of lesbian love and revenge, the show also made positive points about obsession and psychopathy.

Dennis Trillo had among the most shocking surprises here, which I think would also shock those who haven’t seen it yet, and still want to check it out.

1. The Promise (Paolo Contis, Yasmien Kurdi, Benjamin Alves, Andrea Torres)

The Promise is made utterly remarkable by Contis’ compelling performance. Here he played Frank, a widower who lost his wife to an accident.

The biggest shocker comes with the arrival of Ivy, played by Andrea Torres, whose body was used by his deceased wife as a vessel to communicate with him. Aside from Contis’ brilliant portrayal, Alves’ character’s development is one thing you shouldn’t miss too.

Kurdi also played her character very well, the same way Torres beautifully articulated Ivy.

All I Can See You episodes are available on GMA Entertainment’s website.


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