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REVIEW: Lovely and brimming with endearing lightheartedness, ‘The House Arrest of Us’ is off to a wonderful sweet start

The 13-episode digi-movie series takes off beautifully, with a lighthearted and heartwarming pilot

Actors: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Ruffa Gutierrez, Gardo Versoza, Herbert Bautista, Arlene Muhlach, Dennis Padilla, Alora Sassam, Anthony Jennings
Format: Digital (movie) series
Premise: A couple has to navigate their lives as soon-to-be-married pair amidst their feuding families who must live together under one roof
Where to Watch:, iWantTFC

Why You Should See It

The first ‘digi-movie series’ starred by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is beautifully shot, with all the feels and vibe of a movie, and the lethal dosages of ‘kilig’ only KathNiel can generate.

In the first few minutes of ‘The House Arrest of Us’ alone, Bernardo’s and Padillas’s characters are placed under tight scrutiny, with the voice of what-must-be a marriage counselor (whose face wasn’t shown, for some reason) repeatedly asking the two if they are truly prepared to get married. It sounds a teaser for what the show’s plot is going to be about, a glimpse of the exciting married life waiting for the two ahead.

In the series, Korics (Padilla) and Q (Bernardo) have just been engaged by the virtue of a Pepsi can pull tab disguised as an engagement ring. To make it formal, Korics’ parents are to meet Q’s parents to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage to their son. The first meeting is rather fun, albeit tension-filled as Q’s parents conveniently sees the opportunity to make themselves the better family, eagerly showing off how well-off they are.

For a 31-minute pilot episode, The House Arrest of Us feels packed with scenes and kind of gives the audience a clear picture of what’s going to come. Coming from a humble middleclass background, Koric’s parents are to carry the burden of dealing with Q and her parents, whose major concern of being hesitant to give their blessing to the two. The complications seem to largely come from this worsening rivalry, which both Q and Korics have to fix, should they want their marriage work.

As the trailer suggests, Korics and Q’s families have to live under one roof, in the wake of sudden implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) which prohibits anyone to go outside. The pilot episode closes with this scene, which means fans really need to stay tuned for the next episodes.

Both Kathryn and Daniel really shined in the premiere episode, but audience can’t deny that their characters have very strong supports. There are heartwarming moments in this half-hour pilot that aren’t purely found in the hilarious banter and light badgering between the two families, that reminds us how both exciting and frightening marriage is, or any relationship for that matter. Lovely and brimming with endearing lightheartedness, The House Arrest of Us is off to a wonderful sweet start.

Purchase a season pass to access The House Arrest of Us’ 13-episode debut season, via or iWantTFC, only for PhP499.00


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