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REVIEW: ‘Stories of Hope’ Champions Filipino Resilience, Grit, and Determination

GMA Public Affairs dives deep into the lives of the common people to uncover raw stories of hope and survival.

GMA Network

Format/Genre: Documentary

Premise: “Stories of Hope” highlights inspiring and hopeful stories of people living extraordinary lives; riveting tales of struggles and triumphs; and how the Filipino spirit ultimately finds ways to overcome seemingly insurmountable adversities. (GMA Public Affairs)

Time slot: Weeknight, after Saksi

Why You Should See It:

Moving stories of hope, grit, and determination are shed light upon in this new GMA Public Affairs program. The program champions Filipino resilience by featuring triumphant stories from all walks of life.

GMA Public Affairs amplifies its effort to touch lives as its throws into attention life-changing stories of survival amidst challenges and adversities. Filipino resilience has long been showcased by many public service programs and has even been made the core subjects of countless films and tv productions. But in Stories of Hope, GMA Network searches further and dives into the lives of the common Filipino.

Compelling stories are to be featured in every episode. In its pilot episode, the show presents the story of soldiers who lost their limbs during the battle. The show delves not just into the personal emotional struggles of the soldiers, but also into their loved ones, who, one way or another, are affected by the soldiers’ tragedies.

GMA Public Affairs captures these riveting stories through the involved people, themselves, with touching interviews where the respondents bare all their stories of sacrifices and hope. It’s a familiar format many audiences have seen before, but like most Filipinos today suffer the same devastating effects of the pandemic, the hopeful stories the show imparts feel utterly timely, as they remind the audience, that there is still a bright future, ahead.

The show has no presenter or host as it continuously just shows accounts from featured interviewees, alongside some dramatization of their stories. It makes the whole show more potent in making these stories felt, as it makes the featured people appear and feel as if they are directly baring their raw stories of hope and struggle to the audiences.

Stories of Hope is just one of GMA Network’s earnest offerings that perfectly responds to the challenges of this pandemic. It reconnects its viewers to our innate qualities as Filipinos and reminds us that we are not alone in facing any form of challenges.

Airing after Saksi, Stories of Hope can also be watched on GMA Pinoy TV for audiences outside the country.

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