Summerscape at Tagaytay Highlands: The Lure of an Exclusive Mountain Resort Community

Summer has arrived in the Philippines, heralded by the harsh, often enervating tropical heat and frequent spells of lethargy

Summer has arrived in the Philippines, heralded by the harsh, often enervating tropical heat and frequent spells of lethargy. It doesn’t help that the dense cityscapes of Metro Manila amplify the discomfort and stress, making people head for the balminess of the hills.

For discerning Filipinos, nothing says ‘chill’ better than a cool, tranquil getaway such as Tagaytay Highlands, an exclusive mountain resort estate sprawled over 1,200 hectares of rolling terrain. Perched 2,500 feet above sea level, Tagaytay Highlands‘ luxe lifestyle augurs well for well-heeled Filipino families who have made their alternative primary home either in its signature log cabins, luxurious condominium units, or premium themed residential enclaves.

Tagaytay Highlands now awaits more discriminating individuals that value their privacy and security, and assert their need for an exclusive lifestyle. Nestled in an uncommonly beautiful, natural setting and blessed with the most stunning views, Tagaytay Highlands has everything a family of fun enthusiasts can crave for—from premium sports facilities to a slew of casual and fine-dining restaurants where residents and their guests can indulge their gastronomic passions.

Among Tagaytay Highlands’ exclusive line-up of restaurants offering international fare is the new Tapas Bar Comida y Vino, the place to go for well-loved paella and other classic Spanish dishes. The brainchild of Joseph Raymond Sembrano, whose wife Gemma founded Concha’s Garden Cafe known for its distinct heirloom Filipino recipes, Comida y Vino adopts a Spanish cuisine concept owing to Joseph’s long-held belief that its influence is deeply ingrained in Filipino cuisine. With Joseph taking advantage of a sundry of online courses throughout the year-long pandemic while closely collaborating with Chef Gemma to come up with their own exclusive menu, Comida y Vino is set to soft-launch this March 26 for takeout and delivery only as per IATF’s latest guidelines. Target grand opening is on April 10 in hopes that restrictions would have eased up by then.

Any which way one looks at it, Tagaytay Highlands offers every option one could expect from a summer getaway. Golfing families can head for Tagaytay Highlands’ top-caliber golf courses that feature championship-level layouts designed in harmony with the natural landscape. On the other hand, moms may spend their well-earned downtime doing yoga, meditation, or simply communing with nature.

Outdoorsy family members will be spoiled for choice: swimming, hiking, trekking, fishing, jogging, biking, go-karting, and tennis are just some of the activities in store for them. Indoor games of bowling and basketball as well as other less strenuous activities may also be enjoyed at the development’s Country Club and Sports Center.

All these activities make Tagaytay Highlands a prime recreational haven and a highly touted summerscape south of the metro. A soon as you feel the refreshingly cool breeze and cast your sights on Taal Lake shimmering in the distance, the entire development evokes a distinct air of comfort that melts away the stress of city life. Beyond the crisp, clean air of this mountain resort, the picturesque lake alone brings the beauty of nature into startling clarity.

This summer, property seekers and investors may check out Tagaytay Highlands’ residential projects. Among the latest of which is Provence, a new luxurious residential haven designed for individuals who long for beauty, exclusivity, and connection. The lavish floral landscaping, open spaces, and sleek lawn gardens of Provence exude summer’s sensual appeal.

Taking inspiration from the charm and vibrancy of the French countryside, Provence showcases clusters of flowery shrubs and tree-lined pathways that lead to The Parc Central, its main amenity area. Featured here is a posh infinity pool whose water seems to flow into the horizon. For residents and their visitors, The Parc Central showcases one of the best sweeping views of Taal Lake and majestic Mt. Makiling.

Provence is a low-density community that only has 14 lots per hectare, comprising a total of 119 lots, each ranging from 240 to 451 square meters. Lot ownership comes with exclusive access to the township’s world-class facilities for rest and recreation.

Along with the luxuries and exclusivity Tagaytay Highlands proffers, the estate remains committed to create a safe and secure space for all the members of its community. All facilities and personnel ensure strict adherence to sanitation procedures and safety protocols, including disinfection, hand sanitation, wearing of face mask and face shield, and social distancing.

Property Management also stands ready at all times to deliver quick crisis response during adverse natural and high-risk events.


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