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‘Gluta’ star Ella Cruz insecure with herself?

Even until now, Cruz still has insecurities. But with her becoming more mature as time passes by, she learned to accept her imperfections, knowing that she is also beautiful in her own way.

Actress Ella Cruz can totally relate to her character in the upcoming Vivamax film, “Gluta” being a person with a lot of insecurities.

Directed by Darryl Yap, “Gluta” tells the story of an Aeta (Cruz) who is dreaming of becoming a beauty queen in this upcoming movie.

“I had insecurities before dahil una sa lahat, ang liit ko, maraming mas maganda kesa sakin, tapos hindi makinis nung nagsisimula ako,” admitted the actress in the film’s virtual media conference (June 2).

Cruz argued that it is normal to feel insecure. However, she imparted her knowledge, base on her experience, to accept the bitter truth: nobody is perfect.

“Lahat ng tao merong insecurities but we have to embrace it para malaman natin kung san tayo mag-eexcel. Mali na kinocompare natin sa ibang tao.

“Growing up, we need to learn how to handle that part na hindi natin i-compare ang sarili natin. Kasi if we keep on comparing ourselves to others, na hindi mo na nababantayan ang sarili mo.’

Even until now, Cruz still has insecurities. However, she has matured as time passes by, learning to accept her imperfections, and knowing that she is also beautiful in her own way.

“Siguro hanggang ngayon meron pa rin akong insecurities. Pero minsan kailangan mong marealize na may kanya-kanya tayong kagandahan.

“Inaccept ko na may mas maganda kesa sakin pero kumbaga naisho-showcase ko ang sarili ko in a different way.”

And now that she learned to face her own reality, Cruz finally knew who she really is as a person, and as an actress.

Cruz proudly said, “Kaya ako, na-embrace ko na kung sino talaga si Gabriella, si Ella. And now, I’m happy with myself kahit na may mga imperfections ako. Kasi that’s what makes me perfect.”

Catch Ella Cruz in the upcoming movie “Gluta” which will be coming in Vivamax this coming July 2. Directed by Darry Yap, starring Ella Cruz, Marco Gallo, Arlene Muhlach, Rose Van Ginkel, Juliana Pariscova Segovia, Jobelyn Marie Manuel, and Loren Montemayor.


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