TELUS International Philippines ensures space for creativity on workplace

  • The corporate world is often mistaken for ‘boring’ and ‘serious’ but TELUS Philippines would be a game-changer with their latest campaign
  • TELUS aims to free the employees from boundaries that hinder them to be creative

Work redefined. TELUS Philippines embraces the fact that more and more millennials are coming in inside their company, who each carry individual styles and personalities. The new generation has their own criteria on what they seek in terms of employment.

Some look for work environments that give them the flexibility to collaborate with like-minded people while giving them the freedom to pursue their passions. Others just wants a lucrative paycheck and job security.

TELUS was established in the Philippines back in 2005, and since then they have already set their name apart from other BPO companies – distinguishing itself through a caring company culture that puts its team members first.

The newest built office branch in McKinley West, Taguig, is a work of art that TELUS is really proud of. It boasts a whole new set of work spaces designed with a fun and laid back vibe that is probably most evident in its array of themed meeting rooms, colorful hallways, and vibrant common areas.

TELUS McKinley West houses a couple of standout meeting rooms.

The Board Game Room, for instance, lets team members actually carry out the phrase “work and play”literally, with a huge black-and-white chess board on the ceiling, a life-sized playable tic-tac-toe on one wall, a full-length meeting table made out of legos, and chairs in the shape of puzzle pieces.

Meanwhile, the Ocean Park Room, as its name suggests, transports team members in an underwater enclosure with cool blue interiors and sea life imagery.

And one doesn’t have to brave the harrowing Manila traffic to ride a utility vehicle the Jeepney Room’s stainless steelexterior, complete with wheels and many hood ornaments, resembles a larger-than-life version of the country‟s most popular mode of transportation. Its ice cream-colored interiors look like that of a regular Jeepney but cleaner and much more spacious.

Phonetography Workshop in the West

Last September 28, TELUS McKinley West invited media friends to collaborate with their employees on a fun seminar. Veteran and award-winning photographer, Paul Quiambao, conducted a workshop on the basics of Phonetography (mobile phone photography).

Below are some outtakes from the interactive and fun-filled event:


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