BY THE NUMBERS: A not-so warm kiss win for “Halik’s” pilot week over “Inday Will Always Love You”

Jericho Rosales‘s primetime comeback is a sweet kiss to ABS-CBN’s primetime bida as it won the national TV ratings on its pilot week.

‘Halik’ made rival ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ bow down and kiss the ground after winning its premiere week.

On its pilot day, August 13, the foursome-centered series registered a national TV rating of 18.2%, 7.6% higher than song title-sounding series with a 10.6%.

The succeeding days remained on Halik’s side, with Tuesday, August 14 being its highest pilot week ratings of 19.0%, 7.5% higher than Inday’s 11.5%.

But while the Kapamilya series is winning, it is noticeable that its trend is a bit underwhelming as it moves downward.

Starting Wednesday, August 15, its rating went on a downward trend, a complete reverse to its rival’s upward movement.

The pilot week then ended with ‘Inday Will Always Love You’ closing in with ‘Halik’ at 16.3% vs 13.3% or a margin of only 3.0%.

AGB Nielsen

Meanwhile, if “Halik” won a lukewarm kiss on national TV ratings, “Inday Will Always Love You” managed to post an upset on the NUTAM People ratings.

Although AGB Nielsen didn’t release the full pilot week ratings of ‘Halik’ vs ‘Inday Will Always Love You’, the pilot day saw Inday winning by a small margin at 8.3% to 7.3%.

The triad-led series of Barbie Forteza-Derrick Monasterio-Juancho Trivino  edged over the quartet-starred drama of Jericho Rosales-Yen Santos-Sam Milby-Yam Concepcion on its pilot day by a small 1.0% ratings for NUTAM People ratings.

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