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Does the mainstream media really putting an insult to the reputation of the medical professionals in the country?

  • Misrepresentation of medical practices on a lot of TV series
  • Why not study the scene prior to shooting it? What are they trying to prove?
  • Is medical misrepresentation purposely done to gain attention?

Filipino viewers are getting smarter and keener when it comes to watching local TV shows/series. Some are just watching not because they’re fond of a specific show, but just waiting for the flaws that might give them a topic to talk about on social media as it gains different reactions from netizens.

Some may have accidentally witnessed a scene which caught their attention, as they really feel that there’s a big mistake on how the scene was executed.

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Medical practitioners in the country got insulted each time they see something misleading or a misrepresentation of the medical practices on mainstream media.

These kinds of misrepresentation have been rampant and shown many times on television; which leads many to the question if the research team, writers, and directors of a said TV show have been doing their jobs in researching the facts about certain medical practices that will be used in some specific scenes.

For example, if a scene has been shot inside a hospital, why not ask assistance from a medical practitioner therein to ensure that they will deliver the scene correctly?

Click on the link below to see different reactions specially from medical professionals.

Kung hugutin nya na lang kaya yung saksakan ng Mechvent.. Pakiexplain ng nagresearch, takpan ng unan ang taong naka…

Posted by Raquel Joy Ramos-Reyes on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sometimes, writers don’t realize that the antagonist can wear surgical gloves as these are almost everywhere in the hospital, before he can probably pull the medical ventilation off or unplug it for couple of minutes until the patient died.

TV shows requires logical reasoning and not just delivery of all the drama and emotions. TV scenes must also be factual and realistic.

How could a patient die if the oxygen supply is directly pumping in his/her lungs? Just like the news, they are also responsible in delivering what viewers deserve to watch.

This kinds of misrepresentation has happened not just recently but also many times in the past. Medical practitioners are working so hard in real life that, for them, to have that kind of misrepresentation on TV is quite offensive and unfair.

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