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Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla believe they are the ‘soulmates’ of each other

Celebrity couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, commonly known as KathNiel, believe that they are ‘soulmates.’

Celebrity couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, commonly known as KathNiel, believe they are ‘soulmates.’

KathNiel has already been together for ten years. They recently celebrated their decade-long relationship on September 4.

In the YouTube upload of Star Cinema on September 11, KathNiel played the game “The Boyfriend Tag Quiz” where they answered questions about their relationship.

Bernardo prepared questions for Padilla, including: “Do you think I am your soulmate?”

Padilla immediately answered, “Yeah. Siyempre.”

Bernardo also thinks that Padilla is his soulmate as she said that God predestined their relationship.

“Yeah, me, too… Ang soulmate ibig sabihin destined for you, di ba?

“I think planado siya ni God kung paano kami nagkakilala, ‘yung tamang oras.

“So you are my soulmate,” said Bernardo.

The actress then explained that there will always be someone meant for you, just like how she and Padilla are meant for each other.

“Naniniwala ako sa soulmate kasi marami kang makikilala, but at the end of the day mayroong isang person parati na… ‘Yung iba nagwo-work sa kanila, like kami nag-work sa amin, but ‘yung iba nakilala ang soulmate nila [at the] wrong time, ang sad,” she said.

Padilla then added that their relationship came at ‘perfect timing.’

“Minsan late, minsan maaga. Hindi ba ganoon naman ‘yon? That’s love, man, wala tayong puwedeng sisihin.

“‘Yung sa amin [ni Kathryn] perfect timing,” he said.

In a previous interview with Boy Abunda’s Purple Chair, Padilla noted that if he were a ship, Bernardo would be his anchor.

There’s no denial that KathNiel is one of the strongest love teams in the Kapamilya Network, as the couple’s love for each other is truly inspiring.

The couple is set to star in a TV series and a movie, but Padilla confirmed that their series would be the first to be released.

Their latest project was the online series, The House Arrest of Us, which premiered in October 2020.

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