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What seems to be Kim Chiu’s issue with the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’?

Speculations spread that Chiu got removed from the said hosting stint.

The ‘Madlang Pipol’ (the viewers) wondered why Kim Chiu is missing in action on It’s Showtime lately. Usually, she gets to host at least one segment of the noontime show.

Speculations spread that Chiu got removed from the said hosting stint.

Over twitter, netizens ranted when they noticed that Chiu is nowhere to find all throughout the show. They expressed their dismay over the production’s decisions on not allocating much exposure for the Cebuana and former PBB big winner.

A user complained about why it was only Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro who hosted the segments.

Someone shared they missed seeing Chiu onscreen.

An account posted that the pandemic has been hard on everyone’s life, but Kim’s presence can surely brighten someone’s day.

Another demanded a lot of exposure for Chiu.

Someone admitted that sometimes Chiu’s jokes are corny, but the noontime show would not be complete without her goofiness.

Another commended how Chiu brings in warmth and positivity to those people who get to catch her on the show.

Someone gave an emphasis that Chiu is a host of the show and not a guest.

She deserves a whole lot more screen time.

An account has expressed a longing to see Chiu again on screen.

A user revealed that their entire family tuned in to the show and wished Chiu will be one of the regular hosts.

What could be the score behind Chiu’s sudden non-visibility in the show?

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