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  • THROWBACk: What is the best K-Drama Adaptation produced by ABS-CBN?

    When major TV studios like ABS-CBN and GMA networks began producing local adaptations of hit ‘90s Latinovelas, it became apparent that Koreanovela remakes would be the next trend.  True enough, a few years since Meteor Garden started the Asianovela craze in the country, major TV networks embarked on a K-Drama remake spree. ABS-CBN, which spearheaded […] More

  • THROWBACK: Which Korean Drama adaptations by GMA Network is the best?

    When two of the major TV studios in the country–ABS-CBN and GMA networks began producing local adaptations of hit ‘90s Latinovelas, it became apparent that Koreanovela remakes would be the next trend, too.  A few years after Meteor Garden began the Asianovela craze–the major TV networks invested in doing more K-Drama remakes While ABS-CBN is […] More

  • Maja Salvador’s iconic roles on television made her a Drama Royalty

    In the many drama series and movies, Maja Salvador showcased her versatility as an actress, for the past two decades. She’s drama royalty. Mostly, she is known as the revenge drama queen and displayed her flexibility in many genres. Salvador’s golden moments on television are bannered through the biggest roles she played in a drama […] More

  • REVIEW: Julia Barretto flexes her acting chops on her newest primetime drama comeback via ‘Di Na Muli’

    Julia Barretto flexes her acting chops in this romance drama that serves as her primetime TV comeback, three years after headlining ABS-CBN’s Ngayon at Kailanman. TV5 Actors: Julia Barretto, Marco Gumabao, Marco Gallo, Angelu de Leon, Bobby Andrews, Baron Geisler, Liz Alindogan, Katya Santos, Lander Vera-Perez, Krissha Viaje, Ashley Diaz, Andrei Yllana, Mickey Ferriols, Nicole […] More

  • The First ABS-CBN Shutdown: The Darkest Era of Philippine Journalism

    During the height of Marcos’s grip on power, he silenced truth and created a modern Orwellian state, to which the only ‘truth’ recognized was his. Following Marcos’s declaration of the Martial Law on September 23, 1972 (signed two days earlier), the first exercise of his newly-established power was on mass media entities. Then media giants […] More

  • REVIEW: Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ is Brutal, Gory, and Addictive!

    NETFLIX Actors: Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-jun Genre: Thriller, Drama Premise: Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes. (Netflix) Creator: Hwang Dong-hyuk Running Time: 50-60 minutes Watch it on: Netflix Why You Should See It: The new Korean […] More

  • RAWR Mag: Gelo Rivera, BGYO’s Charismatic Frontman

    Sped-up by its overwhelmingly talented five members, led by its completely able, bold, and fearless leader Gelo Rivera–BGYO’s meteoric surge to stardom. After their group’s relentless conquer in the global music charts—the most sensational of which, being Billboard’s Next Big Sound and Pandora’s Prediction charts—BGYO’s forward momentum is only anticipated to get faster. Following the […] More

  • Angel Locsin’s fantasy-themed series, which is the most iconic?

    Angel Locsin remains the local actress with the most number of top-rated fantasy-themed series. But which one is the most iconic? Locsin is undoubtedly the telefantasya/fantaserye queen, as her record with the most number of top-rated dramas remains unmatched to this day. First emerged to public attention via the teen-oriented series, Click, the then young Kapuso actress, […] More

  • The ABS-CBN Ball through the Years: A Red Carpet affair like No Other

    The ABS-CBN Ball—formerly called the Star Magic Ball—has been the biggest gathering of stars in the local entertainment scene for the past 14 years. As ABS-CBN takes a pass on holding the highly-decorated ultra-elegant red carpet event, two years in a row, due to the still prevailing pandemic, let’s go down the memory lane to […] More