Moneymax, Credit Information Corporation partner to promote consumer rights amid COVID-19

The Credit Information Corporation (CIC) partners with Moneymax to educate Filipinos about the importance of having access to one’s credit history.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – APRIL 2020. The Credit Information Corporation (CIC) partners with Moneymax to educate Filipinos about the importance of having access to one’s credit history. CIC is the Philippines’ government-owned and controlled central credit registry.

This is the first partnership between the two companies as they aim to promote financial literacy on credit information in the Philippines.

Pushing the importance of accurate credit information

CIC tapped Moneymax to help increase awareness of CIC’s role in helping consumers get access to their own credit data and history. Moneymax will publish customized articles, videos, and infographics to educate Filipinos about the importance of credit reports and their right to accurate and reliable credit information.

“Our mission is to help Filipinos lead a healthier financial life. Access to credit is an important pillar of a healthy financial life. Financial institutions rely on CIC’s credit reporting database to make decisions on who gets approved for credit. It’s very essential that Filipinos understand what goes into their credit history and improve transparency on credit reporting,” shares Munmun Nath, Moneymax’s Managing Director for Marketing.

“The CIC is the only government agency tasked to undertake a continuing nationwide educational campaign to promote the benefits of a credit information system to the economy. As we continue to combat the economic backlash of COVID-19, we need to reach as many Filipinos as possible about the value of responsible borrowing and credit data sharing. This is why we look forward to working with Moneymax on this financial literacy initiative,” says Aileen L. Amor – Bautista, CIC’s SVP for Business Development and Communications Group.

Credit information accessible in a few clicks

Today, one can do everything online—from shopping and paying bills to even opening a bank account. Because of this, it is not a surprise that you can also access your credit information online. In September 2019, the CIC launched its Online Appointment Scheduler (CICOAS) and Online Dispute Resolution Process (ODRP) on its website. The CICOAS is the CIC’s online appointment scheduler, designed for individuals who would like to request their credit report at the CIC office. The ODRP helps consumers who obtained a copy of their CIC Credit Reports to dispute inaccuracies or discrepancies submitted by financial institutions to the CIC database. Customers can file for dispute resolution through ODRP online, without the need to go to the CIC office.

Through these tools, CIC ensures the consumers can have access to their own credit history at a minimal cost and also have their credit report corrected should there be discrepancies or outdated information. Using a web and mobile application, the CIC is planning to launch an efficient and secure method to have Credit Reports available online. The general public will soon be able to access these reports regardless of their location through CIC’s accredited credit bureaus. As part of this partnership, Moneymax will publish engaging content that will promote consumer’s understanding of how to benefit from such services.

To learn more about the CIC, visit h and follow their social media accounts including /. Also, visit www.moneymax.p h for articles about credit information in the Philippines. For more updates about this partnership, follow on Facebook and Instagram, alongside @moneymaxph on Twitter.


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