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David Licauco suspects something is wrong with those who find no fault in how the Government runs the nation

David Licauco finally broke his silence as the government continues to mishandle the pandemic, even calling out its supporters to finally wake up as the country continues to fall towards a dire situation.

GMA Network’s actor David Licauco has been among the silent ones in criticizing the government.

But he broke his silence after the Philippines has a surge of COVID-19 cases these past few weeks. Recently, he threw some shade at the government as cases grew at an alarming rate.

While President Rodrigo Duterte celebrated his 76th birthday, he received numerous criticism after the government has failed to handle the pandemic.

Licauco, on his Twitter account, posted a photo of a birthday cake that says, “Here’s your f*cking cake you little sh*t.”

Although Licauco did not directly address who the cake was for, netizens were sure that it was for Duterte.

Now, he finally revealed who it was meant for.

In his tweet, last March 31, the actor shared photos from the organization called People for Accountable Governance and Sustainable Action PH (PAGASAph). The pictures showed how the government mishandled the pandemic situation.

Through the caption, Licauco then directly called out the supporters of the Duterte administration.

He wrote, “If you aren’t mad about how the government is handling things, then something is wrong with you.”

The actor also used the hashtag, #Filipinosdeservebetter to put emphasis on the incompetence of the administration and for its supporters to wake up.

PAGASAph gave some valid points as to why the Philippines failed to address the pandemic. Instead of medical experts leading the COVID-19 response, Duterte appointed military officials.

The government also failed to provide basic pandemic necessities such as face masks and face shields. The police have arrested numerous quarantine violators for not having face masks. But their arrests only resulted in an increase in the risk of getting infected—detention in cramped prisons.

The group also pointed out that Duterte underestimated Covid-19. The President assured the public that there was nothing to worry about. This was after the Philippines recorded its first Covid case in January 2020.

Fast forward to 2021, the Philippines is back at ground zero after a year in the pandemic. And just like many Filipinos, Licuaco was fed up buy how incompetent the government in the face of an adversary.

This 2021, the Kapuso Chinito Heartthrob is nominated as New Movie Actor of the Year for the movie, “Because I Love You” at the 2021 PMPC Star Awards for Movies. He is currently working with Julie Anne San Jose in GTV’s romantic-comedy series, “Heartful Café.”


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